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To simplify your bookkeeping needs with small business accounting services.

We understand accounting isn’t for everyone, and it’s easy to make a mistake that will cost you down the road. goodbookin’ offers our expertise to give you confidence your finances are in order and you won’t have to pay accountants to clean up your books. Our accounting services have helped many small businesses reduce errors, monitor financial health and make more informed decisions.

Headshot of Brian Bohley the owner of Goodbookin
As one of the premier accountants in Evanston, IL, founder Brian Bohley has always been driven by his passion to help business owners better manage their finances. With a strong background in computer technology, project management, marketing, and customer service relations, he’s well-equipped to handle all of your accounting service needs.
As a business owner himself, Brian understands the struggles small to medium-sized companies face, and he saw a common problem with an easy solution. While most businesses outsource their payroll, they still try to do their own bookkeeping. Too often, this leads to mistakes that require having costly accountants come in to clean up the books.
With our Good Bookin’ small business accounting services, Brian remains dedicated to giving you the tools and expertise you need to avoid these expensive mistakes and ensure your finances are all shored up.